SHANG XIA "Bridge" Bamboo Weaving Teaware

$9,388.00 SGD

Shang Xia’s founder Jiang Qiong Er believes that having conversations over tea is the perfect way to bring the family together. It is why she designed this tea set (and called it Bridge) as she wanted to highlight the connection an intimate tea ceremony can bring.

The Bridge Series features two precious materials: porcelain and bamboo.

The selection process for the bamboo is extremely strict. It can only come from the 10,000-acre bamboo grove in Lushan county in Sichuan. The bamboo is also harvested carefully. Each cane must be two years old, be at least 66cm long and have no scratches. The bamboo is also cut fresh early in the morning before it is hung out to dry.

Starting from $4,588 for a set of four cups and a teapot to $9,388 for a full set (pictured).